Best Android Games of 2018

Android games store has continued to grow with the release of many new games. The games are categorised into various genres. Ranging from adventure, sports, driving and puzzle, the list of genres is also huge. The games are compatible with all the latest versions of Android. You can download these games from the online games stores such as Google Play. Here are the best games you can play in 2018.

1. Riptide GB Renegade

Riptide GB Renegade is a racing game and the latest release of the Riptide GP series. Vector Unit is the developer as well as the publisher of the game. The game involves illegal racing where the racer will lose their credentials in case they are caught up. At that moment, as a racer, getting to the top becomes the job. You will enjoy the games for its high-quality graphics, tricks and ease of control. It also gives a boost to give you an upper hand as you play. The game is easily downloaded at a onetime affordable fee of $2.99.

2. Room Series

It’s a three-dimensional puzzle game that was developed by Fireproof Games. The version of Android was released in March 2013 on Google Play. The game involves an escape nature: you try to move through the three rooms with each being equipped with several mysterious objects. The objects get unique as you proceed, each with its puzzle. The last room contains similar lovely puzzles. It also includes multiple profiles and alternate endings. If you successfully solve all the puzzles, you win the game.

3. Pokemon Go

It’s a free-to-play (F2P), location-based AR (augmented reality) game. It’s developed by Niantic for Android devices. Despite its release in July 2016, the game is still a favourite among many people today. Perhaps, the game long continued popularity may be as a result of frequent updating of the game. It involves a reality exposure where you required finding and catching the Pokemon, then fight for gyms and winning poke stops to have the addition of your stock. Its updates make the game more enjoyable and lively through additional time events, new mechanic and Pokemon. You can freely download the game from any game store.

4. Unkilled

It’s a zombie-themed FPS (first-person shooter) game developed as well as published by Madfinger Games. On 3 Sep 2015, the game was released for Android. The game includes 300 missions that involve fights and weapons. Unkilled requires the player to unlock or upgrade various modes. The set comes with excellent graphics features that make it more appealing compared to other zombie shooter games.

5. Alto’s Adventure

It is an endless runner snowboarding game by Snowman. On 11 February 2016, Alto’s Adventure was released for Android. The game presents an amazing and endless mountain environment where the play happens. You get to enjoy the sensitive controls that are highly usable with an excellent soundtrack. Get the game from the app store and enjoy the experience it presents.

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