Best Fitness Tracking Apps 2018

How often do you keep your fitness in check? Most people have at one time attempted to have a body fitness plan in their lives. However, studies show that many of them are unable to make the fitness plan regular and end up abandoning it all together. For others, they opt to go for a fitness guider to help them realise their goals. Apparently, this service may turn out to be expensive. Fortunately, you can rely on available apps that will effectively enable you to maintain the health and body fitness for a small subscription fee. Here are the best apps you can use for fitness tracking.

1. MyFitnesspal

MyFitnessPal is a comprehensive fitness tool that is downloadable from the app store. You can get a monthly subscription of £7.24 or opt for a £36.26 yearly subscription. The app keeps track of various aspects of fitness plan such as exercise, weight loss and calories control using simple steps. The app comes with integration ability with other fitness apps. It is a lovely app that comes without ads. The app connects to a database with more than five millions foods records.

2. Couch to 5K Runner

The app is free to download and compatible with almost all smartphones. If your goal is to get unlimited exercise and reduce weight, then this app is your ultimate solution. The application has a target of eight weeks to achieve effectiveness. It is offered freely in the first seven days, and then you are required to upgrade it to a three-month full plan at £7.99 or a lifetime plan at £9.99. The app requires a commitment of minutes for the exercise session. You will require having quality headphones to follow up the coaching.

3. Sworkit

The fitness app is a platform that involves video training exercises. The training gives personal trainers who offer demonstrations at regular intervals for over two hundred forms of exercises. The app gives you the freedom to customise it to your concentration time length. You can also select areas you want to learn and several other specialised personal requirements. Statistically, the app has millions of users so far, so you can try it too

4. Fitbit Coach

If you need an app to enable you to stick to exercise plans, then try Fitbit Coach. It serves as a trainer with a fitness tracking app. It presents a well-designed exercise mechanism that seems hard but useful. The training comes in the form of videos with procedural guides at various routines. You will get to enjoy inbuilt soundtracks that come with the app as you use it. The fitness plans are offered at a subscription fee of £5.99 monthly charges and £29.99 in case you need an annual subscription.

5. Google Fit

Google fit is an excellent fitness app that keeps track of the most important aspects of body fitness planning. The app uniquely gives you the priority to set fitness goals as well as keeping track of your progress in the fitness plan. Despite having very few features, the app is suitable for beginners not forgetting the enjoyability. The app is available in Google Play Store.

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