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The 21st century has seen a tremendous growth in the mobile phone production. A smartphone has become a vital gadget to anyone whether young or old, poor or rich. Smartphones have been improved over the years to an extent of integrating a multitude of features that transform them into the small computer. As more features are added, the price of a smartphone rises. However, there still some smartphones in the market with excellent features yet retailing below £200.
With the following smartphones, you are guaranteed to spend up to a maximum of £200. These budget phones will give you excellent services.

1. Motorola Moto G5
For some time, Motorola had been out of the market but it has now entered the smartphone market. The entrance has brought in outstanding smartphones one of them being Motorola Moto G5. This phone features a metallic body that makes it stronger and durable. It also has a fingerprint scanner that supports gesture controls. It provides you with 16 GB of storage capacity and if this is not enough for you, you can expand it using MicroSD. This device is powered by 2,800mAh battery which averages. This device is simply worth its price.

2. Vodafone Smart V8
Vodafone has been producing admirable devices among them being Vodafone Smart V8 smartphone. What will draw your eyes to this gadget is its 5.5-inch full HD display, superb 16-megapixel camera and a powerful battery having 3,000mAh capacity. The phone also supports quick-charge. The brushed metal design gives this device a stylish finish. One drawback associated with this device is that it might be locked to the Vodafone network. But still is a good budget smartphone that you can go for.

3. Honor 6A
If you are not planning to spend a hefty amount of money on a smartphone, then Honor 6A is the best budget phone you can opt for. This is one of the newest android phones on the market. The device has a 5-inch HD display that gives clear images. The rear camera is also classic having 13 megapixels. This camera is able to give you vivid shots. Honor 6A is powered by 3020mAh battery which is built-in. 16 GB storage capacity is provided with support for expansion using MicroSD.

4. Sony Xperia M4 Aqua
Sony produces amazing smartphones in the market. Sony Xperia M4 Aqua is one of the Sony’s budget phones. This phone has a powerful battery that can keep you going for a long time. Another important feature of this device is the unique body that makes it waterproof. A notable drawback of this device is the lack of internal storage, the average camera, and display. Despite this drawback, the gadget can be a good option for a budget smartphone.

5. Nokia 6
If you are looking for well-designed and high-quality budget smartphone then Nokia 6 can be one of your options. This phone feature a good battery capacity of 3000mAh meaning you can have a whole day operation. It has 5.5 Full HD display that gives a brilliant view. The storage capacity of 32 GB which much better compared to other budget smartphones. Generally, this phone has excellent performance and will give you value for your money.

If you can get a phone that gives you additional features other than making calls at a cheaper price then you can go for.

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