iPhone X Review

Released for pre-order in late October 2017, the iPhone X started arriving at people’s homes in November. This latest iPhone model is now available in shops for more general purchase. It has been wowing some consumers and leaving others nonplussed. This review of the iPhone X gets right to the heart of some of the […]


New Trends: Edge to Edge Phones

Over the past years, mobile phones manufacturers have made great technological advancements. On phones designs, manufacturers have produced phones with big screens, slimmer phones, and phones with a fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone. Although one of the design challenges is to shrink the bezel incremental strides are being made. However, the edge to edge […]


Best Smartphone Under £200

The 21st century has seen a tremendous growth in the mobile phone production. A smartphone has become a vital gadget to anyone whether young or old, poor or rich. Smartphones have been improved over the years to an extent of integrating a multitude of features that transform them into the small computer. As more features […]


The History of iOS

iOS is the name given to the operating system that operates the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It’s the primary software that comes stacked on all gadgets to enable them to run and bolster different applications. iPhone OS 1  In 2007, Steve Jobs presented the iPhone and iOS 1 alongside it. In that press conference, […]