iPhone X Review

Released for pre-order in late October 2017, the iPhone X started arriving at people’s homes in November. This latest iPhone model is now available in shops for more general purchase. It has been wowing some consumers and leaving others nonplussed. This review of the iPhone X gets right to the heart of some of the key features of this device and explains what they can do for you.

The screen

The designers at iPhone stated that they have long desired to create a device that is almost ‘all screen’ and that with the iPhone X they have finally succeeded. The iPhone X has a 5.8″ screen that is very immersive thanks to its super retinol technology. It is also an OLED screen, which means that it offers fantastic colour contrast – expect a 1, 000, 000 :: 1 contrast ratio and the ability to experience true blacks. Great for creating the perfect Instagram post. The screen is probably the most exciting thing about this new phone: it definitely does feel very immersive, and you can almost ‘fall into’ the screen, forgetting it’s there. When you’re videochatting with someone using this phone, you often feel like you’re pretty much talking to them face to face.

Face ID

The iPhone X was hailed as offering amazing security features, and chief among them is its Face ID function. This function supposedly enables your iPhone X to recognise your face and unlock when you look at it, even if you change your hairstyle, your makeup, and your expression. Face ID uses the phone’s unique TrueDepth Camera to work, and is marketed as being so secure that you can use it with Apple Pay for your convenience. Nevertheless, it has proved to be one of the biggest bugbears of iPhone users. To start with, it has not worked for everyone, with many users stating that its facial recognition technology has clearly been tested on Caucasian faces and that it is not well adapted for users of many other ethnic groups. In addition, concerns have been raised that this feature actually diminishes the security of your phone, as someone may use it to unlock your phone without your consent (for instance, when you are sleeping). For this reason, many owners of the iPhone X have disabled this function.

Strength and durability

The tempered glass on this phone’s screen is the most durable yet, and the steel used for the body of the device is surgical grade. You can definitely rely on this phone to stick with you through thick and thin.


The tapping and swiping functions of this phone have been adapted so that they are super intuitive to use. For example, you just need to swipe once anywhere on the screen in order to reach the ‘Home’ screen instead of tapping a specific spot on the phone’s screen. If you’re someone who’s perennially forgetting their phone charger, moreover, the wireless charging function is so convenient.

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